So why does anyone volunteer?

Once upon a time, volunteering was synonymous with serving meals at a soup kitchen or helping out in a charity shop. Today, volunteers can choose from thousands of different opportunities, from being an advocate for the Citizens Advice Bureau to becoming a seminar leader at a business education charity.

And while it's common knowledge that volunteers do a world of good for charities and the communities they serve, increasingly people are waking up to the fact that helping out can also bring many benefits for the volunteers themselves.

Did you know, for example, that over 70% of employers would hire a candidate with volunteering experience over someone who has never volunteered? Just a couple of hours a week can really enhance your job prospects, help to plug any gaps in your work experience and give you a range of new skills.

Volunteering also offers participants the chance to have amazing experiences, make friends with people from all walks of life, and who knows, perhaps even find love!

Because it exposes people to new situations, people and experiences, volunteering can also help individuals to develop the confidence to try out different things. Knowing that your skills are valued and contributing to your community can be a tremendous confidence boost for volunteers.

And if the thought of polishing your c.v., improving your skills and self-confidence, meeting new and interesting people and helping out the local community isn't enough of an incentive, there are even health benefits associated with volunteering.

It has been medically proven that 'doing good' can give you a heightened sense of well being, a stronger immune system and a speedier recovery from surgery!

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