Shantelle's story: She's a star!

Shantelle Rochester, 23, volunteers at the Leander Media Centre in Lewisham, London, which gives young people people experience and training in television production.

Shantelle has a BTech Diploma in Media and Moving Image and started the media course at the Leander Centre in June 2004 to help her improve her skills and get valuable hands-on experience.

She now goes to the centre about twice a week to help the younger people aged 14 - 20, many of whom have underachieved in mainstream education.

She teaches them about presenting, camera skills and helps get them ready to go on shoots and produce their own work.

Shantelle says, "Volunteering at the Leander Media Centre each week really helps me to keep up to date with all the latest skills and production techniques. I've got to keep on top of things so I can secure my dream job as a presenter or producer".

And helping people to realise their dreams is what the Centre's all about.


Director of media, Alestir Waller explains, "At the Centre we give everybody a realistic sense of working in television. They soon understand that TV is not all glitz and glamour and are often surprised at how much there is to learn."

"We train them to industry standard, meaning that their experience of camera work and editing is taken seriously."

In the short term Shantelle says she loves "seeing the young people get so involved in their work and produce such fantastic results."

But she also knows that the work experience she's getting by volunteering at the Leander Centre will bring her dream job closer to reality.