Talitha's Story: Teen councillor makes a difference

Young people can often feel that noone takes any notice of how they feel or what they want. And they probably don't think their local council would listen to them. Talitha Tanner from West Sussex is living proof that young people can make anyone sit up and take notice.

Talitha, 16, is Chair of the Crawley Young Persons’ Council, a group which is involved with many community projects including a campaign to expand child bus fares to include under-18s in full time education.

“I got involved in volunteering when I started the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme which required me to complete a community service for 6 months. I decided to help at a local after-school club for children up to 12 years old.

“To me the most important part of my volunteering is the chance to give back to the community and the chance to impact others people’s lives, even on a small scale.

“I would definitely encourage other young people to volunteer as it is a way of showing that you care about the people around you. It is also very fulfilling to have the chance to give to others in a different way and exciting to see how much this may mean to them.”